Infinity E-learn is proud of its experienced and qualified teachers who play a pivotal role in the learning process.

People of Priority

Infinity E-Learn is an online organization with its services being provided across the globe at your doorsteps who aspires to learn their academic courses by online tution, the Holy Quran with its meaning and message, Or Online IT Courses. This institution aims at providing an easy platform to the prospective students for enlightening them with the best possible understanding in all its forms and manifestations. To this end, we are committed in our venture to the best of our sincerity and humble capacity to provide a team of extremely capable, highly educated and well trained tutors. We are Alhamdulillah, committed and dedicated to Increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere.

Goals and Focus

Our goal is to provide easily understandable, high quality and finest education at extremely affordable fees.There are no contracts to sign, you only pay a low monthly fee to connect with “”. We strive to save both your time and money. We work with student and have focused approach to make student learn the course and achieve their goals.

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What Makes Infinity E-Learn Special?

Over the years, Infinity E-learn has established itself as a respected brand among parents who wish to teach their children by E-learning. With ever increasing number of customers all over the globe, E-learn takes special measures to ensure that the learning process is effective so that after every lesson the student of our online E-learning Tutoring classes leaves with an increased and better knowledge of subject.

Our Expertise

We have nine years of successful experience in teaching online.We teach academic subjects , IT Courses and Islamic education to makes us righteous in saying that we have always provided our students with integrity, credibility and excellence, Alhamdulillah!

3 days free trial

Everyone can try 3 days of Trial lessons for free without any obligation attached. Our regular classes can be started from just in a very low cost fee which anyone afford easily. Moreover, you can also get discount on affordability bases or on need bases.

Anywhere, Any Device

For your convenience, now you can Learn anywhere, any time, on any device whether its mobile phone,tap laptop or system. Take your at the time of your convenience.

Salient Features

Infinity E-Learn is a pioneer in online teaching domain and our brand name is the proof of the efforts we have put since our start. The students of E-learn belong to different continent with different cultural backgrounds.

So join us in online class of your desired course. Get the finest quality education, learn the course and achieve your goals.

Tajweed is an Arabic word meaning proper pronunciation of recitation, and Quranic rules and regulation.It is a set of rules which govern how the Quran should be read.



Our Teachers are well qualified to teach you the desired course for 3 days free trail and join the complete course if you get satisfied with our service.

Once registered students choose their courses, personalised electronic timetables can be viewed and scheduled according to their timing.

People Behind Priority

Our Teachers have complete knowledge of their subjects, and they are graduated from reputed universities of Pakistan. Our Skilled and professional teachers have excellent command in English, Urdu,Punjabi and Pashto languages to communicate efficiently with students and teach them in a way students feel

Muhammad Irfan

Head of the Department

Sarfraz Ahmad

Head of the Department

Muhammad Shehzad


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Mon - Friday 9am - 5pm

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Note: have 9 years experience of providing online education all over the world.we provide 24/7 hours of working of providing education to registered and also 3 free trial to every one.We have hybred Masters and PHD professors and also almas for improving our online education that is already considered as high ranking in further online education system.


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