How It WorksE-Learning System gives you the power to

  • • Effective communication between Teachers, Parents and Students
  • • Complete Automation of all Operations
  • • Automated Teacher & Student Attendance
  • • Computerized management of class feedback, Remarks &Suggestions
  • • Timetable creation in advance
  • • Efficient and effective interaction with Parents
  • • Parents can access any time to Teacher and Student’s Attendance
  • • SMS, E-mail & internal massaging system
  • • Prior information about Academy events and Holidays
  • • Get connected to the academy effectively and easily
  • • Frequent interaction with teachers

The aim of E-Learning System is to automate daily activities regarding attendance, payments, lectures and reporting.

User Dashboard

E-learn is a pioneer in online teaching domain and our brand name is the proof of the efforts we have put since our start. The students of E-learn belong to different continent with different cultural backgrounds.

Today's lecture(s) are shown in a list on dashboard with time according to student time zone. Parents can also see their kids coming lectures easily on dashboard.

Parent can easily see feedback and suggestions on a lecture from teacher on their dashboard keeping them updated.


Missed Lectures

Parents and students have a quick view of number of missed lectures which result in focusing on punctuality.

A summarize amount of invoices and payments on Parent dashboard only. Parents can easily view any due invoices on their dashboard.

Some of Our Best Features?

Over the years, E-learn has established itself as a respected brand among parents who wish to teach their children by E-learning.

User Management

In the user management in the dashboard have different options

  1. Adding a new teacher,parent and student
  2. View the list of all the teachers,student and parents .
  3. Edit the information of the user.
  4. Delete any User

Course Management

The course management in the dashboard is use to

  1. Register a new course.
  2. Schedule the time table for the courses.
  3. Review the courses that how much lectures are delivered in the specified course.
  4. Courses have different categories in which you have to select

Admin Report

Admin of the application can get all the reports about

  1. Student Profile report
  2. Teacher Profile report
  3. Attendance Reports
  4. Missed Lectures Reports